Nyle - CEO

"Block by Block Studios has been a passion of mine I created back in 2011. It means everything to me and for it to succeed I will push the boundaries to get all the way to the top! We have a very talented team and I can see a bright future for the business, and we won’t be stopping any time soon!"

Tina - COO

"I got started with Minecraft 3 years ago to play with my kids. Who knew i would find such joy in the Minecraft Community and the pleasure of meeting Blaze and forming such a great business with wonderful staff and team members."

Linsi - Skin Manager

"Helping to manage the Block By Block Studios has been a joy. The staff are thoughtful and make time for everybody, how could you not with such an awesome crew? I can't wait to grow even more with the team."

Brandon - Java Manager

"I've been in love with Minecraft since Beta. I'm proud to be a member of BlockByBlock because it gives me an opportunity to create amazing projects that new minecrafters can fall in love with!"

Thijs - Java Manager

"Working at Block by Block is just amazing. Everyone is super friendly and we all get along nicely. A great place with a great atmosphere!"

Reinout - Bedrock Manager

"I like that I'm able to persue my creativity and originality in a popular game such as Minecraft, in a team where you can work together with people with different backgrounds and skills"

Josh - Operations Manager

"I've been playing building in minecraft for 6 years and managed and owned several teams the past 3, its been hard finding a home team that will use all my expertise but i'm happy to now call BlockByBlock my new home! I love to draw and go on hikes and travel on my time away from minecraft. I'm ready to see where BlockByBlock takes me in the future and i cannot wait to start releasing content on the Marketplace with all the talent around me here! Cheers to a new beginning"

James - Behaviour & Mechanics

"I started playing minecraft in 2012, and was always enthused by redstone and command blocks, now, 6 years on, I get to pursue a passion, with a wonderful team!"